Homelessness in Milwaukee

CAUSCOL15GGMilwaukee is one of the poorest cities in America with tons of residents being without a home. In recent reports, about 43% of Milwaukee children’s are growing up in homes below the poverty line. While the overall poverty rate stands around 29%.

Thankfully the majority of homeless residents are single without a family. 1 in 5 are listed as veterans. So what’s the big reason for people becoming homeless? The number reason people end up being homeless is because either loss of job or they are unable to find work. Remember these people many times do not have families to rely on.

What can you do to help?

See a panhandler on the street with a sign looking for help? Instead of giving money, we suggest you giving a meal or clothes instead. If you insist on giving a monetary amount, consider gift cards.

Donate money or food to local pantries, shelters or the salvation army. Companies like Milwaukee SEO Expert have been helping us spread the message of homelessness online via social media campaigns and digital marketing through search engine optimization.