Milwaukee Water Experts Restoration Services

Thanks to our generous friends at we were able to get rid of some water damage we had in our buildings basement. We got some warm weather over the weekend that resulted in a ton of snow from our roof and lawn melting and coupled with a failing sump pump, we unfortunately had some water damage issues in our basement. We don’t often go into the basement but we do have some guest staying over and notice a smell. Upon further inspection, we detected the leak and small flooding that happened in our storage room.

Greg one of our volunteers in Milwaukee who also is a certified water damage removal expert assisted us in getting the help we needed. Most of the carpets had severe damage and had to be thrown out, but we were able to save all the furnishings. Thankfully we didn’t find any mold damage, that would have been terrible.

They were able to get here the next day after we talked and gave a really good estimate and were able to work with out insurance provider. All the work was done in just a couple days with a small crew. They used dehumidifiers, fans, pumps and lots of manual labor. If you’re ever in need of a water damage company, look no further than the guys at Milwaukee Water Experts.

Be sure you’re testing your sump pump on a monthly basis to avoid these issues like we did.